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Boston Contact Lenses

  • Boston GP (gas permeable) contact lenses are the most recommended GP lenses by eye care practitioners.

  • Gas Permeable contact lenses are the alternative to soft contact lenses and the older and uncomfortable hard contact lenses popular in the past.

  • Each Boston contact lens is custom made, using an array of base designs and precision prescriptions to craft a contact lens to fit the natural shape of your eyes.

We have gathered information on the top 5 best-selling Boston Gas Permeable Lenses in order to make it easier for you to research which lens is best for you.  Choose your lens to the left and start learning!


Boston Lenses

Boston Contact Lenses are offered in an array of designs and materials, but all of them offer clear vision and a durability that makes them irresistibly economical. Each design is crafted from a patented oxygen permeable material that allows your eye to breathe even as they offer all the visual acuity of eyeglasses. Moreover they all feature a patented surface design whose ultra-smooth and non-stick nature resists dirt and debris.

Ordering your contacts online can save you money.  Online stores generally discount their lenses 50-70%  Make sure you order from a reputable vendor - we've found the best place to order is Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses.  They have a good selections and consistently low prices. 

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